Weekly Recap: February 3rd-February 8th

Sunday, February 3rd
On Sunday I did nothing but go to church, and come home and watch the Superbowl. During this time I consumed more wings than any fifteen year old girl should. I also became a lesbian. (No but really… Beyonce could turn me.)

Monday, February 4th
I had Latin first period. I spent the entire class praying that my teacher wouldn’t call on me. Then I went to study hall. Listened to the kids around me speak to each other. Observed the lingo. Realized I couldn’t understand anything. Next, English. Hoped that I would be assigned Artemis for my mythology project. Guess what? I wasn’t assigned Artemis. Finally, I went to science. Watched a presentation about how to evaluate a website. Almost fell asleep. Later that day, I had chamber orchestra, where I was assigned a piece called “The Vagabond” for a quartet performance. Although it is not pronounced like that, it definitely looks like something that you could use to cure a yeast infection. Naturally, I would be assigned this piece.

Tuesday, February 5th
We watched Mamma Mia in orchestra. Needless to say, it was a great day. Then I had math. Needless to say, I wanted to cry throughout the entire period.

Wednesday, February 6th
Hump day. Haha. Hump. Anyway, Wednesday was a fairly solid day. I came home from school and immediately made hot chocolate and watched Piers Morgan reruns. It was entertaining. Today also marks exactly seven weeks until I get my braces off. HELL YA!

Thursday, February 7th
Today I rediscovered John Mayer’s “Your Body Is A Wonderland.” Cried for a while because I fell back in love with it, then imagined him singing it to me and realized I was being slightly impractical. Watched Rocky II and kept replaying the ending. Yo Sylvester Stallone, you did it. Go boi.

Friday, February 8th
Snow day! I started thinking about things I wanted to bake for myself on Valentine’s Day. I also thought about watching every Nicholas Sparks movie in chronological order. Contemplated ordering a party pizza to last me the weekend during this storm.

Saturday, February 9th
My emotions of today summed up in one picture:
the buried life
I also watched The Last Song and marveled at Liam Hemsworth. Then I started to cry, partly because he’ll never be mine, and, you know, the movie is sad.

So there’s your weekly recap. Hope you enjoyed. Pce.


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